Sunday, May 1, 2016

Working on Thesis

Yeay!! Happy 1st anniversary for not write any post in Blog! #clapclapclap hahaha. 
Well, setahun lalu, i say Hella for new month to come, called MAY. Oh My Goodness....
last year i was complaining about how busy i am. Yess, that time i was busy studio-ing. Its a good time though, but i never want to repeat the same experience again. Hihi.

So ape can? (maksudnya, sibuk apa?- bahasa melayu pontianak) Yah, drowning in thesis, writing and writing and writing. This thing called Thesis makes me think that my life dedicate only for it. I don't even go out, working, meet up with friends, i am an anti social for this time-being.  Huffftt. Tired? Starting to bored but anxious in the same time. Going all out this time. Deadline semakin mendekat. FIGHTING!! Dear  Allah, be with me. :)

So, see ya later again blog. I did pile all my story in my head right now. But i'll tell ya later.

Love, tiech.


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Working on Thesis
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